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About Us

With a team passionate about both agriculture and sustainability, Green Export has been strategically placed to facilitate trading activities for agricultural products across borders. With its Head Quarters in Tanzania, a country known for its numerous riches in the agricultural sector, Green Export delivers a state-of-the-art offering for the importing and exporting of products such as Coffee across borders.

Our Mission

To the be the leading player in the importation and exportation of agricultural products with a special attention given towards sustainability efforts.

Our Vision

To see sustainability being integrated into all agricultural trading practices around the world.

Our Services

We pride ourselves in our customer service, high-quality products, affordably priced products, and our focus on sustainability.

Exportation Of Crops

We are a global food export company for Coffee, Soy Beans, Avocado, and other agricultural products native to Tanzania.

Linking Farmers And Traders

We believe in the power of a network. As a service, we connect farmers and traders who are searching for particular products in the marketplace.

Agricultural Consultation

One of the major challenges facing farmers is producing products that can meet world-standard qualities in the marketplace.

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